Weddings at St. John’s

The Christian Marriage

wedding_ceremonyCongratulations! You are about to enter a relationship that is one of God’s most beautiful gifts to humankind. Christian marriage is a holy estate ordained by God. It is a life-long covenant between a man and a woman who are already in covenant with God through Christ.

Understanding that the Christian marriage covenant is a life-long commitment to be lived and experienced in the context of the Christian community, the pastor of St. John’s will normally solemnize a marriage only if one of the persons to be married is an active member of the congregation. Active membership is defined as having been faithfully working, praying, and giving for a period of not less than twelve months.

The pastor may, at his discretion, consider solemnizing a marriage for non-members when certain conditions and circumstances prevail. In these cases, at least one of the persons to be married must be a member of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America (E.L.C.A.) faith and must present a letter of request from his or her pastor to the pastor of St. John’s for approval.

For both members and non-members, St. John’s officiating pastor must be convinced that the union contemplated will be in accordance with the Word of God, the laws of the State, and that God’s blessings may properly be asked upon it. Additional fees will apply when neither of the persons to be married is a member of the congregation.