2019 Staff, Officers, Vestry and Committee Chairs

2019 Staff, Officers, Vestry and Committee Chairs

Pastor    Rev. David Butler
Office Manager   Seeking
Director of Music    Todd Monsell
Director of Christian Education/Youth   Seeking

Vestry Officers
President    Sheila Sines Thomasson
Vice President    Bob Pickard
Secretary    Christi Kunkle
Treasurer    Martha Harken

Members of the Vestry

Kim Andersen, Lynn Bean, Matt Beecher, Kelly Donahue, Frank Dorsey,  Jay Gibbs, Debra Green-Fletcher, Christi Kunkle, Norma Luden, Penny McKeever, Karen Moore, Bob Pickard, Sheila Sines Thomasson, Steve Trayte

Committee Chairs

Christian Education    Kim Andersen, Norma Luden
Communication            Sheila Sines Thomasson
Endowment                   Frickie Martschink
Evangelism                    Jay Gibbs, Deborah Green-Fletcher
Finance                           Matt Beecher
History                            Edward Counts
Lutheran Men                Lewis Moore
Nursery                           Rachael Danforth
Property Committee     Kelly Donahue
Service Groups              TBD
Social Ministry              Karen Moore
Special Projects             Lynn Bean
Stewardship                  Frank Dorsey, Steve Trayte
Women of the ELCA    Jan Kyle, Anita Mitchum
Worship & Music         Christi Kunkle, Penny McKeever

Dan Lackland and the new gate

Our previous Vestry President, Dan Lackland, installing the lock on the new gate in the back of the church property. This installation was recently approved by the Vestry in our continued effort to ensure the safety of our parishioners and property.