Posted by Sheila Thomasson

What’s Our Ministry?”
When I think about our congregation, I can close my eyes and see our membership. I can see your faces and recall all the things you do as a vocation. And as I think about those occupations, it is so obvious that we are a most blessed congregation. Sitting in our pews are medical professionals, educators, financial wizards, engineers, contractors, coaches, people who have created and nurtured families, and the list goes on and on. The thing we all have in common is our Christian faith and our desire to be involved in the many ministries of St. John’s.
Just last week I was meeting with one of our members involved with our wedding consultant ministry. Did you know we had a ministry like that? There are quite a few weddings that take place here and our wedding consultants help guide the rehearsal and the wedding itself. They are indispensable as they help me in my duties as I officiate and as they represent the congregation to both members and non-members alike who come here to be married and have their unions blessed.
Recently our Evangelism Committee was meeting and the discussion moved to the topic of how we share the gospel with others and the ways we invite people to come experience God’s grace and the friendly fellowship that is to be found here. Of course, studies reveal that the best evangelism is done by personal invitations offered by members. In today’s world, many people experience personal invitations through the use of social media. That led the conversation
into the area of our Communications Committee. Did you know we have one of those? That Committee oversees our website, our Facebook presence, and any and all advertising we get involved with. This Committee is also responsible for how we share the news of our worship opportunities and activities. Needless to say – they are busy!
Other ministry opportunities include our Property Committee, the Worship and Music Committee, the Stewardship Committee, the Finance Committee, Christian Education Committee, Special Projects Team, Youth Ministry, Social Ministry, the 275th Anniversary Celebration Team, Lutheran Men, and the Ladies organizations. Each and every one of these groups is comprised of our members who are using their special God-given gifts to help share the gospel through this church and her members. There’s a lot going on and it takes a lot of us to make certain everything is done and done well.
As we enter the month of August, we will begin new ministries and programs. As you would expect, we will need everyone’s participation if we hope to do all the ministries God is calling us to be involved with. So let’s ask ourselves, “What’s our Ministry?” and more specifically, “What’s my particular gift and ministry?” Every one of us has been given spiritual gifts. So I encourage each of us to consider what our gifts are and how we want to use them at St. John’s to praise and worship our God. Our church is growing and it needs every one of us to join in the ministries we provide.
As St. Paul writes in 1 Corinthians, “The Spirit’s presence is shown in some way in each person, for the good of all.” Pick a ministry and share your gifts with others for the good of all.
I pray for God to bless us, be present with us, and encourage us to let our ministries and worship be a living invitation to join us as we grow in our knowledge of Christ and our ability to make Christ known.
Yours in Christ,

Pastor Butler +