Posted by Sheila Thomasson

“Updates and News for our Congregation”  
Sometimes we need to revisit what’s happening at our church to ensure everyone is up to date and aware of all that is going on. I’d like to use my space in the September newsletter to discuss with you some of the items facing our congregation in the next few months. With that being said, let’s start with our music program. In July, Todd Monsell accepted a position with Christ Episcopal School in Greenville, SC, resulting in his need to resign from his position here at St. John’s. Todd will be here through the month of September. At that time, we will need to have an interim organist/music director in place to help us with our worship services and choirs while we conduct a search for the new St. John’s Director of Music and Choirs. Our Vestry appointed a Music Director Search Committee to conduct this search. Committee members include Steve Trayte, Pastor Butler, Kathryn Tolley, Marc Marchant, Melissa Spaulding, Dan Prickett, Chris Tant, and Penny McKeever. This Committee has already started their work.
During this time while we are without a staff person directing the choirs, we have been blessed by William Dowd’s volunteering to take on the responsibility of bringing our Handbell Choir back together. William has committed to get the choir together and help them prepare to play for upcoming services, especially festival Sundays, but particularly Reformation Sunday and Christmas Eve. William intends to resume handbell choir practices in September.
Also, starting back up in September will be our Sunday School classes and Christian Education program. They will officially kick-off their first Sunday back on September 12. We have been asking that members signup to let us know they and their children will be attending classes.  We have children’s classes, a high school class, an adult class, and a confirmation class. All these will begin classes on the 12th, and we plan on having a light breakfast with coffee and juice available. If you have already registered to attend, thank you.  If you have not registered, please do so ASAP.
We have plans to resume our Outdoor Worship Service and Church Picnic on Sunday, October 10. We’ll be back to Palmetto Islands County Park for the service and a great picnic experience. Please put that date on your calendar and join us for one of our great annual traditions.
Now, a word about COVID and our plans and precautions. We continue to do everything we can to be appropriately cautious. And we do that recognizing we must be ready to adjust on a moment’s notice. At this moment we hope we will not have to adjust beyond what we are already doing for everyone’s safety. We practice social distancing, ask non-vaccinated persons to wear a mask, encourage others to wear masks for additional safety, and remind people to stay home if they are experiencing COVID symptoms. If the situation worsens, we will make the necessary adjustments, but we want to do everything possible that allows us to continue worshipping in person. And we continue to live-stream our 11:00 AM Sunday service.
One overarching need I have is for every member to be involved and volunteer to help. The pandemic shuttered many of our activities and opportunities for you to be active. But as we have been re-opening and resuming our activities, we want every member to know you are important and we want you to be a part of our success in being an active church and representing Christ in the world. I am asking each of you to consider what you can do to help us get traction for the ministries we would like to start and those we would like to continue. Like never before, it is imperative that we all volunteer to help. Please don’t wait to be asked but step forward so we can be the Church Christ is calling us to be. Every ministry committee and activity of our church can use volunteers and leaders. St. John’s needs all of us to help share the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Butler +