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These Are Your Favorites!

Have you ever been someplace where they ask you, “Well, what’s your favorite?”  The question might involve an ice cream flavor or a hamburger restaurant.  It doesn’t really matter what the question pertains to… for almost all of us have a favorite everything.  That’s certainly true as it applies to the hymns we sing in worship.  Some are our favorites.  Some are not.  When people are leaving after worship, someone will invariably say “We sang one of my favorites today!” or they might suggest that we tear a particular hymn we just sang right out of the book.  Do you have a favorite hymn?  Do you have a least favorite hymn?

During the month of August we will be singing hymns identified by our congregation as favorites.  A number of years ago we took a survey of our congregation where we asked you to list your ten favorite hymns.  Then we compiled a list.  As I was planning worship services for August, and knowing the choir is on vacation for the month, it seemed like the perfect time to pull out that list of favorites and use these winning selections for worship.  So during August, we will be singing some of the hymns rated as “Favorites” by our congregation.

Now, truth be told, one person’s favorite hymn may not be another person’s favorite, but the ones we are singing got mentioned multiple times and they made the list.  So lift your voices and sing out boldly as your favorites come your way.

And while you are enjoying these hymns, take a moment to reflect upon the words.  So often hymns are really theology put to music.  The hymns speak of God, of Jesus, of life, of death, and of the promise of a resurrection and eternal life.  Let these words composed over centuries and centuries add to your enjoyment of worship and your appreciation for the God who created us and gives us all good things.  Look forward to singing your songs of praise and thanksgiving as you come to church.  And know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you have heard God’s Word and you have experienced that same Word in song.  And then – leave humming your favorite tune and singing these favorite words.  I pray these will enrich your life throughout the week.  And while you’re enjoying hymns from the prior Sunday, look forward to what is coming with the next Sunday.

I pray God will bless us through the words and tunes of these our favorite hymns.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Butler +