Posted by Sheila Thomasson

Wow, I never saw it coming. All the newscasters blamed Polar Vortexes, but, what really got our attention was not the Polar Vortex but the Ravenel and the Don Holt Bridges being closed. With those bridges closed, people living in Mt. Pleasant pretty much stayed in Mt. Pleasant, because no one was heading West easily.
Truthfully, with those bridges closed and travel practically impossible, I had great opportunity to think about important things that are all too often are taken for granted. The bridges immediately come to mind. Day-in and day-out our community uses those bridges to get from place to place. We go to important and not so important places. And it is these two bridges that make it possible for us to get around quite nicely. But these storms rolled in and the routine became anything but routine and we realized how much we take them for granted. Never again!
But once I got over the bridges being closed and those sheets of ice hurtling down at cars to remind us to take nothing for granted, other things we take for granted came to mind. Other things far more important to us than just a bridge or an inconvenience.
I’d like to share a few with you and hope you not only agree with me but that you might add some of your own to this list of things we take for granted.
1) Families and loved ones. Isn’t it true those people closest to us are the ones we take for granted, simply because we can! Spend a moment each day saying “I love you” to those in your family. The dividends will compound daily as you realize how truly blessed you are today.
2) Listening to the news I saw the numbers of people reported as out of work or underemployed. And yet, everyday those employed often take their jobs for granted. Certainly every day at every job is not the most exciting day ever lived, but every day does present an opportunity to make a difference for the place where you work or for a person you will encounter. Be thankful for your job and do your best. It makes a difference.
3) Whether you agree or disagree with the “Affordable Care Act” it does make you think about your health. We all take our health for granted until there’s a problem. Look around and you’ll see some one whose health is worse than yours. Be thankful for the healthy days you do enjoy and make the most of them.
4) And this is the most important. People of faith often take their Christian faith and their relationship with God through Christ for granted. Of all the things we take for granted, our relationship to God and our response to His love is the one we ought never overlook, neglect, or take for granted. Worship of the creator and redeemer is an honor. A moment in God’s Word is nourishment that sustains us. To bow our heads in prayer, to sing a hymn of praise, to know that God loves us, are all things we need in order to survive. And yet, this is the one most quickly neglected, simply because we can and no body calls it to our attention.
A bridge closing inconveniences us. What will we experience if our church closes or if we lose sight of that same church as the place where Christ chooses to encounter us? Certainly more than being inconvenienced!
Take time to think about those things you’re taking for granted. If your faith and the church made your list, don’t let another day pass before you thank God for His grace, for your brothers and sisters waiting to worship with you, and for the opportunity God gives us every day to Know Christ and Make Christ known. The Lenten season is a wonderful time to start.
Taking nothing for granted, we are God’s people in this world.
Pastor Butler +