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“One Foot In Front Of The Other”

It’s a rather old piece of advice, but the way to get to any destination is ‘place one foot in front of the other’ and start moving. That’s the way we get from point A to point B, whether in life, job, or just about any other aspect of getting where we want to go. Just last week I was reading an article about organization and management, and a rather well known person was quoted as saying, “If you want to be successful, make your bed first thing in the morning.” Interesting, right? Make your bed! His point was that by making your bed, you have already accomplished your first task of the day and you’re ready now for your second task. Makes sense to me. I’m always a bit prone to tell people, “Nothing breeds success like success.” That’s right in line with the philosophy that it’s easier to keep a ball rolling than it is to get it started rolling. This all goes back to the truth that if you want to accomplish something, you have to start.

As this Herald is arriving in our homes, we are half-way through Lent. Perhaps we had some thoughts about how we were going to approach the Lenten season and our Lenten journey this year. I know sometimes people decide to give something up for Lent, while others will decide to take something on for the season. Both are decided as a way to help us with our devotional life and our preparation for Holy Week, Maundy Thursday, Good Friday, and Easter Sunday. In fact, the Lenten season and Lenten journey are intended to help us prepare to march into Jerusalem and stick it out with Jesus all the way through the crucifixion. Then, on the third day, when we stare into the empty tomb, we understand what God has done for us. It is no easy thing to bring about the forgiveness of all humanity’s sins. It is not enjoyable to hear the chants go from “Hosanna to the Son of David! Blessed is the one who comes in the name of the Lord!” to “Crucify him! Crucify him!” in less days than we find in a week. It is hard to redeem a creation which believes it needs no redemption. And yet, God through Jesus Christ does that for us out of His unending love, concern, compassion, and desire that we enter the Kingdom of God and be welcomed into eternal life. It’s hard to grasp this truth if we have not gone to the cross with our Lord so that we can understand what the empty tomb means: death is defeated and our promise of a resurrection is real.

So, how is your Lenten journey progressing? Have you chosen a Lenten discipline to follow? Are you involved in a personal Bible study that directs your attention to the God who loves you? Have you determined that you really can give five minutes at the beginning of your day to offering God prayer for yet another day that will be a blessing? Did you decide this Lent to worship weekly as you move towards celebrating the empty tomb? If you did, BRAVO! But if you didn’t, or if you have not been successful in your discipline, it’s not too late. Decide today to do one thing to move your Lenten journey forward. Decide to read John’s gospel before Good Friday. Get up tomorrow and bow your head in prayer and do this every day till Easter. Show up at church this Wednesday or Sunday and participate in the worship of your faith community, and come back every time the church gathers. You can do it!

The way to be successful at anything is simply to begin the journey that takes you where you want to go. I want to go to Easter with my Lord to experience his triumph over death, sin, and the devil. I invite you to come with me. Go ahead, start your journey today by placing one foot in front of the other.

Your servant in Christ,
Pastor Butler +