Posted by Sheila Thomasson

“I was just thinking …”

Recently Dan and Ilene Lackland, Gayle Hilton, and I had the opportunity to represent St. John’s at the South Carolina Synod Assembly held in Charleston at the Marriott Hotel on Lockwood Drive.  It is always an honor to represent our church at the Synod Assemblies but this year it was even more fun as we had a display table outside the Assembly Hall.

One might legitimately ask “Why would we need a display table?”  The answer, of course, has to do with the celebration of our 275th Anniversary.  So, during the Assembly, various members of Vestry manned the display table as we shared stories of our year long celebration of the history that is the heritage of St. John’s.  Items on display were a revolving display of photographs of our church throughout its history, the 275th medallion, various printed histories of St. John’s, and an opportunity for people to join our email list that updates us on the on-going activities of the celebration.  There was quite a bit of interest in our celebration, as there should be, for we are “the mother church of Lutheranism in South Carolina.”

With that in mind, I was just thinking about all the opportunities being presented this year to celebrate our history, our ministry, and our future.  We are now halfway through the year, and we have had a number of exciting events helping us learn about our church and celebrate its ministry.  I know many of you have attended events the Anniversary Committee has sponsored, and if you haven’t yet attended one, there are a number of events and opportunities still to come.

Nic Butler will present two more lectures about the history of St. John’s and our community. Nic’s first presentation was well received and we are all looking forward to his return.  He will be with us again on September 21 and October 24.

Gary Albert will be with us on November 9 and his presentation will be quite interesting as he touches on the topics of Jacob Sass and the pulpit.

We have two more Celebration Concerts planned.  One of those involves our wonderful choir and the other features Julia Harlow and other instrumentalists.  We will also be hosting the community Reformation Service on the afternoon of October 29.
In the next month or so, the Anniversary Committee will begin selling tickets to the Celebration Dinner that will be held on Friday evening, October 20.  Dr. Mark Granquist will be the guest speaker for that dinner.  Grab your tickets early as Dr. Granquist is an interesting speaker and that evening will be a wonderful event of learning, fun, celebration, and fellowship.

Soon, information will be forthcoming about a 275th Anniversary Stained Glass Window that is being designed in recognition of our anniversary.  More information on that project will be presented to the congregation as the proposed design is completed.

Well, as I said, “I was just thinking …” and as I was thinking it was so obvious that we are all having a great time with this year long celebration.  Please make certain you’re a part of these new events so that you can enjoy your church and it’s history.  St. John’s is a wonderful church and all of you make it a wonderful congregation.  Thank you for being a part of our history and our future.  May God continue to bless us and our ministry.

Yours in Christ,

Pastor Butler +