2023 Staff, Officers, Vestry, and Committee Chairs

Church Staff

Interim Pastor,
Rev. Dr. Mark Scott

Church Administrator/Office Manager
Susan Messersmith

Director of Music
Daniel Damaschke

Financial Administrator
Carole Jordan

Director of Christian Education/Youth   Currently Seeking

Vestry Officers
President:  Steve Trayte
Vice President:  Frickie Martschink
Secretary:  Christi Kunkle
Treasurer:  Martha Harken

Members of the Vestry
Barbara Harpe, Jan Kyle, Elizabeth Marchant, Lewis Moore, Henry Siegling, Sheila Sines Thomason, Thomas Springer, and Chris Tant

Committee Chairs
Christian Education:  Barbara Harpe
Communication:  Sheila Sines Thomasson
Endowment:  Frickie Martschink
Evangelism:  Elizabeth Marchant
Finance:  Dan Prickett, Henry Siegling
History:  Rev. Edward Counts
Lutheran Men:  Lewis Moore
Nursery:  Christian Education Committee
Property:  Lewis Moore
Service Groups:  TBD
Social Ministry:  Jan Kyle
Stewardship:  Thomas Springer
Women of the ELCA:  Jan Kyle, Anita Mitchum
Worship & Music:  Chris Tant